This is Kevin Taylor aka Kev Digg1 announcing that the new album is here. aCTUALLY TWO NEW ALBUMS ARE READY. The Fourth dual cd called "Trig & the Rate of Change" is ridiculously hot. Definentley a must have of the collection. The fifth and last album for awhile is ready too. Its called Justifications for Climate Change. It took a little extra time to get everything together but I think that this album is my best work to date. I sing on the last one. Thanks for listening. Also, all information about the conspiracy to murder me by the American Government and American society which is now a global conspiracy can also be found here. It will be up as long as I am strong enough and have the money to tell my story.


The only issue that I face as an independant artist (forget about being an American citizen ora human being for that matter) is that my music is genre crossing. I take a little hip hop, a little funk and a little jazz to make my tracks. Its hard to pick a category for my music. All my songs are totally improvised, and often I record on the initial take. Feel free to use the chatroom or to email me in the Forum Page. If you like the music, SPREAD THE WORD. Get others to take a look at the site.

Authorized articles about me are listed in the MEdia Section (links are above)!!!!!!

This is still the website where all that is Kevin Taylor can be obtained. My music can be previewed and listened to and even purchased but be sure to use Mozilla Fire Fox (Internet Explorer will still work) because the other browsers are less perfect to say the least. You can download Firefox here. Be careful not to leave to many windows open at the same time because then there will be different songs playing at the same time. Purchase and enjoy all three albums. The album is produced and arrranged completely by Kevin Taylor. As an independant artist, I am freer than most other artists who don't have the ability to create the records they feel like creating. I feel that the second album is my style, even though I may change styles because there so many copy cats out there. Have fun. Watch the clip in the site map courtesy of YouTube.

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